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On E-Need you can find any product, your city is just a click away!

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Discover the prices reserved for E-Need customers and help us avoid waste!

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E-Need enhances local realities, putting the territory in first place!

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We are active 24 hours a day throughout the city of Lugano. Download the app and have the products delivered to your home.


We are coming! subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on the launch date.


We are coming! subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on the launch date.


We are coming! subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on the launch date.


We are coming! subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on the launch date.


We are coming! subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on the launch date.

Simple steps to have everything at your fingertips

Would you like to eat something but don't have time to cook? Would you like to buy shoes from your favorite store? Have you run out of food for your four-legged friend? Does the hustle and bustle of everyday life make you never have time? How many times have you wanted something and instead… Don't worry, we at E-Need have the solution! We deliver to you wherever you want everything your city offers, any product, whether it is food or not, with a simple click.

Search for the products you want in the various product categories.
Order the product on the app from the comfort of the sofa at home.
Wait for our rider to safely deliver your package.

Who we are

Thanks to E-Need you have at your disposal with a simple click everything that your city offers. Through our platform you can order any kind of product you want. E-Need was created to satisfy your needs , to bring you a smile at home, to make the realities of your territory known, to share, for families, for young people, for grandparents, for you, for others, for the social. Neighborhood shops, shops not active in e-commerce or not very active in this area are the activities that suffer the most, but, precisely because of their small size and local roots , they can be a great resource and we at E -Need we know. The big brands, the big chains in which you recognize yourself with your choices, your values , your sympathies, your tastes cannot be missing.

Mission and values

We safeguard Swiss territoriality. We are committed to giving concrete social help, respecting the environment. We want to bring together the Swiss commercial realities, bringing their products to citizens' homes directly with a click. E-Need is concretely committed to the social sector by actively collaborating with local realities and charitable associations. Respect for the environment is of fundamental importance to us, which is why we have created a “Zero waste” service by collaborating with food businesses to drastically reduce food waste! We want to promote territorial development, helping those who work every day to build their own reality. By enhancing our territory and actively collaborating in the social sector, we will help you fill your needs. We at E-Need strongly believe in corporate social responsibility and we want to pass it on to you through our values.

Business ethics

Environmental and social responsibility

We have created a section dedicated to the recovery of food waste. All food businesses will be able to offer their leftovers at a flat rate and / or donate it. We are the first platform in our sector to have adopted a social mission that includes collaboration with local realities and charities. With E-Need you can help those who need it by sending any food and non-food products directly to their home.

Work with us

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Become a rider

Increase your income with E-Need or just set aside some extra income every month! E-Need is definitely the right solution for you. With E-Need you can independently determine when and how many hours to work and choose where. You won't have to stress out looking for places that need a delivery clerk, just register on the application, accept customer requests and complete the deliveries. Remember to bring your smile with you because the happiness of others depends on you.

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Become a partner

Become part of our big family!

E-Need will help you create your e-commerce and perfect it in every detail, customizing it according to your needs, helping you to expand your business and consolidate it. We will personally take care of everything you need by making known and bringing your products to citizens' homes, serving them with dedication and passion. Our qualified riders will pick up and deliver for you with the utmost precision and speed. Give new momentum to your business by becoming our partner by using E-Need tools, technology and customer base to bring the whole city to your door. Increase your income, expand your area and track your E-Need orders by checking your income.

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IT infrastructure and software available to the trader

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Do you have any question?

Our quick support responds via chat, or you can contact us via the contact form.

Is the app free?

Yes, the application is free to use for users. Download the app from the play store or the apple store and start your shopping.

Deliver the orders yourself?

Yes, our riders will be in charge of collecting your order and delivering it to you safely.

Do you only deliver food?

Our platform is the only one that can potentially contain any product category, if you do not find something, leave us a feedback in the contact section.

How does the support work?

Our customer support is active every day, you can contact them through the app or through the website. Alternatively you can find us on the main social networks: Facebook, instagram, linkedin.

Are my data and privacy safe?

Absolutely yes. The privacy and security of our users' data is paramount. The application is built with high security standards to ensure you have a trouble-free user experience.

How can I pay?

On our app you can choose different payment methods thanks to the PayPal payment gateway. You can conveniently pay with your Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, prepaid cards or direct debits.

A look at our app

Try our app! Simple, fast, intuitive. Buy easily and securely on our application. Available on all smartphone stores.

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